This site is a collection of my favorite photos taken over the past 10 +/- years. Many of the people that you'll see are those whom I hold dear to my heart. I'm a hoarder of memories – a habit that started during childhood. I still feel strange calling myself a photographer because I've never had any formal training. I just know what I want to capture, so I frame my subject in the grid and hope that the results are close to what I'd envisioned. I'm extremely grateful to have found something that I love so much.


As a kid I spent a lot of time observing people – I'm guessing as an attempt to get to know them in ways that transcended their words. When I started experimenting with my dad's film cameras, I found that taking photos gave my observations permanence. It also afforded me the opportunity to look back on those moments and create narratives around what I was seeing. Yes, I was a weird little introverted extrovert; a living, breathing oxymoron. In any case, I fell in love with photography...

...And then dropped it for about 15 years. See, I fell in love with a lot of things over time: the drums, the violin, painting, DJing, design, cats. There just weren't enough hours in the day for my A.D.D. But alas, photography and I eventually found each other again. And this time we would not part. 

Most of the earlier photos were taken with a camera that a lot of people mistook for a toy. And I fully admit that I had no idea what I was doing. Those photos were the result of a lot of experimentation and little methodology. I love the moody, monochromatic softness that my lo-fi camera produced, and I haven’t been able to achieve the same effect with any high end model. Viva la Lumix! Still, there’s value in color,… and in evolution (read: technique). At this point, my "real" camera is just as tethered to me as my phone (I cringed when I typed that) and every day I look forward to new adventures and technology to fall in love with.